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Peter Nederstigt

Top 5 Motorcycle Podcasts

26 januari 2022

Podcasts are popular. In 2021, almost 30% of the Dutch population listened to a podcast on a monthly basis, according to Most people replied doing so to relax or to get to know more about a certain topic. There are also quite some motorcycle podcasts out there.

What is a podcast?

A podcast is an audio file which you can choose online or via downloads and listen on any given time. No just from home, but also while hiking or when you’re traveling by train for example. You could even listen to a podcast while making dinner. There are thousands of, maybe even a million podcasts on the web. So there will always be a podcast to your liking.

Who are those podcast listeners?

Podcast listeners can be male or female. According to research, slightly more men than women listen to podcasts. Most listeners are between 25 and 54 years of age, enjoyed a higher education level and earn a slightly higher income.

How can you listen to podcasts?

To listen to a podcast you need an app on your phone or device that supports the audio file. You can find these kind of apps in the Google Playstore (for Android devices) and in the Appstore (for Apple devices). Find a podcast to your liking in the chosen podcast app via the search bar. Go on and listen!

Is the podcast an hype or a trend?

A podcast provides the opportunity to listen to stories, experiences, knowledge and interviews on any given moment, whenever and where ever it suits you. There are podcasts about sports, books, music and technology. You’ve got told stories, anekdotes with lots of humor and podcasts about the latest news. They also exist in multiple languages and often in multiple episodes. For you, as a motorcyclist or fan of motorcycles, there are also some fun or interesting podcasts to listen too.

Our tips: Top 5 motorcycle podcasts

1. Adventure Rider Radio

This is a favourite of our colleague Ron Betist. Adventureriderradio is one of the ‘most listened to’ podcasts for motorcyclists in the world. Listen to travel stories, motorcycle adventures, tips and tricks for riders and more. The podcast airs weekly. Although it’s mainly focused on adventure riding, they also give lots of tips that can improve your riding in general.

2. Motorcycles & Misfits

This podcast is focused on teaching riders to fix their old motorcycles and get them running. So there’s an overload of information on how to do maintenance on your bike yourself. It also airs weekly, so there’s something new to listen to every Monday.

3. Full Throttle: Eurosport Bikes Podcast

While the first and second podcast we mentioned is all about adventure riding and fixing older bikes, the podcast ‘Full Throttle’ focused on a totally different part of motorcycling; racing. Do you want to keep up with everything that happens in the world of track racing and road racing? Then this is the perfect one for you. It not only keeps you up to date about the championships but also provides you with interviews with current and ex-racers for look behind the scenes.

4. The Full Tank Motorcycle Podcast

The Full Tank Motorcycle Podcast tells you everything about the latest news in the motorcycle industry, including new releases, cool events for bikers and much more. The hosts also share the adventures they encounter while riding their bikes. They provide you with shorter and longer podcasts. So you can choose to really get ready to listen or listen to a shorter podcast on your way home from work.

5. Motowitch Collective

This podcast mainly focuses on female riders. The host Kojii Helnwein (Ireland based) talks to women from all over the world. The podcast hopes to inspire and to stimulate female riders to share their stories and experiences. Like most other podcasts, there’s a website and a few social media channels active to stay in touch and get notified about new episodes.

Rent a motorcycle

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