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Peter Nederstigt

The 2022 Triumph Tiger 1200; adventure on any surface

8 maart 2022

Triumph is an iconic motorcycle brand with a beautiful history to tell. The company started in the 19th century. In 1905, the first Triumph motorcycle hits the roads.

One of Triumph’s most successful motorcycles is the adventure bike that goes by the name ‘Tiger’. The Triumph Tiger has been built since 1981, so it has quite a story to tell on its own.

This spring, the brand new 2022 Triumph Tiger 1200 hits the market. The Tiger 1200 is the most versatile adventure bike available, according to Triumph. Let’s take a look at this brand new and big Allroad motorcycle!

The history of the Triumph Tiger

The Tiger 80 was built between 1937 and 1940 and had a 349 cc engine. After the war in 1946, Triumph continued with the production of the Tiger 1000. This motorcycle with a 498 cc engine was built until 1973. In that year, the name ‘Tiger’ was also used for the TR7 Tiger, a special version of the T140. In 1981, the brand built an offroad version of this bike, the Triumph TR7T Tiger Trail. This decision would be the start of the Triumph Tiger legacy as we know it today. With the Triumph Tiger 1200 as flagship model.

The new Triumph Tiger 1200

The brand thoroughly revised the Triumph Tiger 1200 and announced the renewed model by the end of last year. Practically everything is renewed. The engine and chassis are new and the weight of the motorcycle went down with 25 kilos. There are 5 new variants of the Tiger 1200 available.

New frame and swingarm

The new mainframe of the Triumph Tiger 1200 weighs 5,4 kilos less compared to the frame of the previous model. The rear wheel is supported by an also all new swingarm with three hinges, which Triumph calls ‘Tri Link’. The low maintenance shaft drive compartment is a bit smaller on the 2022 Tiger 1200, which also takes away a bit of weight.

The new Triumph Tiger 1200 comes standard with an advanced Showa semi-active suspension system. Brembo supplies the bike with Stylema brakes, which are accompanied by Optimised Cornering ABS.

Three cylinder bike with 150 hp

The changes to the three cylinder engine are also explicitly noticeable. It’s equipped with a so called ’T-Plane’ crankshaft. With this, Triumph promises a more powerful delivery of power and a quick respons at lower speeds and revs. The peak power of the 1160 cc T-Plane Triple engine rises to 150 hp. The maximum amount of torque goes up with 8 Nm to a more than decent 130 Nm.

Triumph also worked on the ergonomics of this big touring euro bike. The 2022 Tiger 1200 is equipped with a seat height mechanism which allows you to choose between two standard heights. The seat height can be changed with one hand and the wind shield provides extra protection from the elements while riding.

This makes the 2022 Triumph Tiger 1200 is very suited for offroad riding, but also perfect as a commuter or travel companion.

Five variants of the Tiger 1200

The new Triumph Tiger 1200 is available in five variants of the model to ensure optimal performance for different purposes.

The Rally Pro and Rally Explorer variants are equipped with 21/18 inch spoke wheels, which give you more off-road comfort and mobility. The GT, GT Pro and GT Explorer all run on 19/18 inch cast aluminium wheels. Curious how the GT range and the Rally range differ in looks? Check the example below.

The handguards are standard on all models. An aluminium sump guard comes standard on the GT Pro and GT Explorer, while the extra big aluminium crank case protector is a basic item on the Rally Pro and Rally Explorer. The GT Explorer and the two Rally variants come with crash bars to protect the engine. The Rally Explorer also gets the crash bars to protect the fuel tank.

About that fuel tank. The GT Explorer and Rally Explorer variants have a fuel tank capacity of 30 liters to give you the maximum ‘adventure range’. The other three models come with 20 liter fuel tank.

The Triumph Tiger 1200; an impressive package of electronics

The amount of riding modes differs per variant. Every riding mode has different settings for throttle response, ABS, traction control and suspension settings. The Off Road Pro-mode is exclusive to the Rally Pro and Rally Explorer variants. An optimized - angle sensitive - traction control system is standard for all models. Oh, and did we mention the standard heated grips?

The GT Explorer and the Rally Explorer also come equipped with the new Blind Spot Radar system. The Blind Spot Assist uses a radar signal that’s send backwards to warn the rider when another vehicle is in their blind spot. The Lane Change Assist warns you when you want to change lanes when someone approaches you at the same time.

High quality

The 7 inch TFT display looks like a crown jewel, to top off all the impressive technology in and on the Tiger 1200. You can connect your smartphone to the TFT display. It basically functions as a center of information. The lighting is fully based on LED technology and the head light comes with an adaptive cornering function. The bold daytime running lights let you stand out of the crowd for maximum visibility.

The brand new 2022 Triumph Tiger will be available from April this year at your local Triumph dealer.

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