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Peter Nederstigt

Riding a motorcycle in winter. What to look out for?

26 januari 2022

Most motorcyclists ride 6 to 7 months per year on their bike. But you could also ride your motorcycle in winter. The bike can also in winter be an ideal vehicle to get from A to B, especially when you ride shorter distances and at a relative low speed. Also in wet and cold temperatures. There are five things to keep in mind when riding a motorcycle in winter. We tell you what to look out for.

What to look out for when riding a motorcycle in winter

1. Choose the right riding style

The tires of your bike got less grip when the tarmac is cold. Also then temperatures are still above zero degrees Celsius. Winter tires do exist for motorcycles, but hardly any motorcyclist uses them. Our most important advice when the roads are cold and slippery; be gentle with the throttle, don’t brake too hard, too suddenly and keep your distance. Avoid steep roads. And always try to ride in sight of other motorists.

2. Choose the right bike

Motorcycles can be vulnerable. Brine residue or road salt leaves a mark on visible elements of your bike, like brake disks, rims and the exhaust. Brine disappears only when it rains heavily. And it even remains on the road when it’s made of double-layered porous asphalt (ZOAB). In that case, it takes lots of heavy rainfall. It’s a shame to ride your pride and joy through those conditions. So most riders who ride in winter have a so called ‘winter bike’. A ‘bargain winter bike’ doesn’t need to be all shiny. Or new. They often are older motorcycles that are easy to handle.

3. Watch the road

Take into account that roads can be slippery in winter, especially in the early morning. When ground temperatures drop below 4 degrees Celsius, you can expect sleet. Also, harvest season can start early in the country side. Tractors drag a lot of mud onto the roads. This ensures slippery conditions. The same goes for fallen leaves. So be careful while riding a motorcycle in winter.

4. Make sure you’ve got great vision

A low standing sun in autumn or winter can be a great risk while riding a motorcycle in winter. The risk of dazzle increases. Clean your visor often and check it for scratches. Low temperatures also increase the risk of a foggy vizor. A pin lock can be a life saver. It prevents your visor from fogging up. It’s a flexible visor that’s put on the inside of your normal visor. It creates a ‘double glazed’-effect and minimizes the difference in temperature on the in- and outside of the visor.

5. Stay warm and visible

Early mornings and late evenings can be quite cold, especially in winter, autumn and during the first days of spring. Keep your body warm while riding. From head to toe. Wear high quality gloves to keep your hands and fingers warm. Cold fingers can be treacherous in case you need to brake or shift gears suddenly. And wear multiple layers to keep your upper body warm. Don’t just keep yourself warm, but also visible. Wear something with reflective details and keep the lighting of your bike clean.

Rent a motorcycle in winter

Also in winter, there are plenty of motorbikes available on MotoShare. Want to ride on a beautiful, sunny winter day? Rent a motorcycle of your choosing and go for it. Keep the 5 things to look out for while riding a motorcycle in winter in mind and enjoy the ride!

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