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Peter Nederstigt

Kawasaki Z, leading the way for 50 years

26 januari 2022

In 2022, the Kawasaki Z-models celebrate their 50th birthday. The legendary Z-series was introduced with the release of the Kawasaki Z1 in 1972. The Z1 was the first sports bike that was made by mass production, with a DOHC four cilinder engine. It was the fastest mass production motorcycle of its time. In 1972, Kawasaki introduced the new Z900 SuperFour to the public on the IFMA (an international motorcycle and bike fair) in Cologne. Motorcycle fans went wild and the Z900 became a bestseller.

Kawasaki Z: leading the way for 50 years. Let us introduce to you the Anniversary series

The Kawasaki Z models redefined the standards for high performance motorcycling with its very advanced technology. They have had a big influence on the production of high performance motorcycles of many brands, by combining strong performance with advanced tech and design. That’s the legend of the Kawasaki Z. A legend that’s still very much alive today.

This year, Kawasaki introduces four exclusive ‘50th anniversary’ models to celebrate the iconic Z series.

Kawasaki Z900 50th Anniversary

The Z900 is the most populair naked bike in Europe. This anniversary edition comes with the eye catching ‘Firecracker Red’ colourway. This colourway is based on the colour of the Z11000GP. This air cooled Z from the eighties had a distinguished red colour, especially in terms of the Kawasaki models of that time. The Z900 50th Anniversary edition comes with a gold coloured front fork and a shiny black frame. It has a unique seat and comes with special ‘Anniversary’ logos. Price: €11.299,-

Kawasaki Z650 50th Anniversary

The Z650 come, as a 50th Anniversary special, in the same red colour as the Kawasaki Z900. This colour was specially designed for the Anniversary series. The dark blue and silver striping is accompanied by golden Z emblems. The Kawasaki Z650 506h Anniversary is a true head turner with the red rims, the special leather seat and the Anniversary logo on the front fender. Price: €8.399,-

Kawasaki Z900RS 50th Anniversary

The RS (Retro Styling) pays tribute to the legendary Z1, by combining the retro looks with modern technique and performance. The 50th Anniversary edition strengthens the bond between history and current times. The Candy Diamond Brown colourway highlights the beauty of this specific model. The paint job is quite impressive. The Kawasaki Z900RS 50th Anniversary also comes with a black frame, golden rims, a grab rail and a unique seat. To complete it all, the bike has 50th Anniversary and Double Overhead Camshaft emblems. Price: €13.899,-

Kawasaki Z650RS 50th Anniversary

The Z650RS is the most recent addition to the Z series. This smaller Retro Sport bike has everything to become a succes. The Kawasaki Z650RS is a tribute to the Z650-B1 from 1977. The parallel twin engine provides a decent amount of torque and makes the Z650RS a very fun motorcycle to ride. The new frame also complements the retro design. The bikes comes with many modern and stylish features, like a Tear Drop fuel tank, a classic designed speedometer and tachometer and an iconic Duck Tail. It also comes in the beautiful Candy Diamond Brown colour, golden rims, a special seat, grab rail and with DOHC logos. Price: €9.399,-

Z Chronicles

When you get yourself one of the Anniversary models, you also get an exclusive book called ‘Z Chronicles’. This book contains information, specifications and many beautiful photos of all the legendary Z models from 1972 until 2022. The book can’t be bought separately.

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