Rental agreement between owner and renter

Renters can send multiple rental requests, with a maximum of three, without obligation. An owner must then indicate within 24 hours whether he/she accepts the request. If a rental request is accepted, the renter has 36 hours to pay the rent. A rental agreement is formed, at the time the owner accepts an application and the renter pays the price of the rent. A completed rental agreement then automatically becomes available in the owner's and renter's personal dashboard. A rental agreement consists of two parts:

  1. The details of the rental agreement.
  2. A transfer form of the motorcycle

Before the start of the rental period, the owner must print the rental agreement. When picking up and returning the motorcycle, both parties must sign this document. After signing, the owner can hand over the keys of the motorcycle. The owner always keeps the signed rental agreement. This is important in case of emergencies.

A renter can cancel the rental agreement up to 72 hours before the start of the rental period. If cancelled in time, Motoshare will return the rental fee by issuing a voucher with rental credit. The voucher is valid for one year and can be used by the renter to sign a new rental agreement. The owner can cancel the rental until the moment of transfer of the motorcycle. In this case, the renter will be refunded the full rental price.

Up to 1 hour before the end of the rental period, the parties can extend the rental agreement. The extension must be done in the same way as how a rental agreement is created. So the renter must submit a new rental request and the owner must accept this extension.

Obligations from the rental agreement.

MotoShare does not check if a motorcycle is safe. Therefore, the owner and renter are responsible to check the motorcycle for safety. If a motorcycle does not meet the safety requirements, the owner may not rent it out.

At the start, the owner must do a final check by checking the license and the identity card or passport of the renter. If the driver's license number, category, name or date of birth do not correspond with the details on the rental agreement (part 1.), the owner may not rent out the motorcycle.

During the rental period, the renter is responsible for any fines or traffic violations. If the owner receives any fines, owner and renter will have to try to resolve the fine between themselves. In some cases, the owner may administratively shift the fines to the renter. In these cases, the owner needs the signed rental agreement to prove that the motorcycle was rented during the period. The owner can also ask MotoShare to act as an intermediary to solve this situation.

If the renter does not return the motorcycle on time, he/she will have to continue to pay the owner the rental price per day and pay a fine of €15 per day to MotoShare.

MotoShare game rules

We are a community of motorcycle enthusiasts. To ensure that everyone has a pleasant experience, the following rules apply:

A renter is expected to pick up and deliver the motorcycle at the agreed times. Afterwards, the motorcycle should be returned clean and refuelled.
An owner is expected to present the motorcycle clean, fuelled and well maintained before the rental period and thoroughly review all details with the renter.
Within MotoShare, we are not strangers to each other. Therefore, the renter and owner should fill out the user profile with a profile picture, personal description and riding experience.
The tenant and owner review each other after each rental period. This is very important because it creates trust within the community.
Reckless driving or vandalism (wheelies, stoppies, burn-outs) will not be tolerated. You will be banned from the platform forever, and our insurance will fully recover any damages from the renter.
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