Rent a motorcycle in Leeuwarden

Through MotoShare's motorcycle rental service, you can easily rent a large selection of motorcycles online, directly from motorcycle enthusiasts and dealers in Leeuwarden. All motorcycles are subject to our favourable terms and conditions and you can book a motorcycle without paying a deposit in advance. Simply well taken care of! Try MotoShare and have a nice ride.


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Rental day of 24 hours and >100 km free per day


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How our motorcycle rental works

You have chosen a motorcycle on MotoShare that you would like to rent Leeuwarden. Send a rental request for the days and times you want to rent this motorcycle. When the owner accepts your request, you pay the rental price, and you have a rental agreement.

Rent affordable

A rental day on MotoShare is 24 hours. You decide the pick-up and delivery time. There are no higher rates at weekends. Minimum of 100km per day are included in the price. For more kilometres you pay €0.24 per km afterwards.

Suppose you rent a Ducati Monster from Jurre via MotoShare.


Price per day:


Rental days:


Rental costs:


Administration costs:

Traditional rental company

Price per day:


Rental days:


Rental costs:


Weekend fee:


Lowering own risk:


Rent a motorcycle incl. all-risk insurance

If you rent a motorcycle, you are well WA Volledig Casco (All-risk) insured by Combi Motors Insurances. The price of insurance is included in the rental price. The own risk when renting a motorcycle is €1500

Experiences of motorcyclists from the area

Many have already tried MotoShare. See some reviews from fellow motorcycle enthusiasts.



What a great service. A super convenient way to rent a motorbike No hassle and the landlord really takes the time to help you as best as he can.


Capelle aan den IJssel

Great platform for tenants and landlords to get in touch with each other. Only had good experiences so far (>July '17) and have now rented out my motorbike 4 times. Administration is well organised. Holiday service should be further developed but that will come...



A very fun and relaxed way to rent a motorbike. Who else knows his or her bike best but the owner. You get an honest and sincere opinion. I myself use Moto Share to find out which bike I like before I buy one.

Motorcycles available for rent throughout the Netherlands

At MotoShare you can find motorcycles all over the Netherlands. Not only in Leeuwarden can you rent a motorcycle through us, but in many more cities.

Motorcycles per province

Motorcycling around Leeuwarden

Leeuwarden is one of the oldest cities in the northern Netherlands and Friesland, with lots of history and packed with attractions such as the Jacobijnerkerk, a monastery church dating back to the 13th century. In 2018 Leeuwarden was named Cultural Capital of Europe. In short, plenty of reasons to drive by on a motorcycle and visit the city. Outside the city are also some beautiful motorcycle routes, towards the coast at Harlingen or the IJsselmeer at Makkum.

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