Zero-Motorcycles rent a motorcycle

Through Motoshare you can rent a Zero motorcycle from private owners and/or dealers throughout the Netherlands. Choose for a Zero DS, FX or SR and enjoy the sensation of accelerating at high speed - without any sound - and touring without refuelling. Only through MotoShare you pay no deposit in advance and you have standard our attractive rental conditions with lots of free kilometers. So make your choice and book a nice trip.

History of Zero electric motorcycles

Zero Motorcycles was founded in Santa Cruz, California in 2006 under the name "Electricross" by Neal Saiki. He is an aircraft engineer and enthusiastic motorcyclist. Since 2012, the brand has been launching new models every year, and although the share of electrically powered motorcycles worldwide is still low, Zero is world leader. Zero's motorcycles were fitted with a self-developed electric motor, the Z-force. It is a gearless motor so that torque can be transferred to the drive at any time without loss of power.

Why ride Zero?

In 2016, Zero Motocycles celebrated its exact 10th anniversary. On that occasion, a special 10th Anniversary edition was released with a competitive price. ''In addition, we will pay to all new owners the cost of clutches, oil filters, spark plugs and oil changes of your new Zero for its entire lifetime,'' joked Zero's Chief Technology Officer. Nice offer when you know that Zero motorcycles have no clutch, spark plugs and oil. At Zero, they believe that, like cars, the gasoline engine will eventually disappear from the streets.

Riding a Zero

Switching to electric driving has some undeniable advantages. You never have to fill up with gasoline again, drive maintenance is kept to a minimum, and the acceleration of a Zero motorcycle is phenomenal. The most modern Zero's, in combination with a Power Tank, have a range of 359 kilometers in the city (about 180 highway kilometers). On average, motorcyclists ride no more than 10,000 kilometers per year, so 30 kilometers per day. Per kilometer driven, the Zero consumes about 2 cents.

Why a Zero

The key word with an electric motor is torque. It's about Newton meters and not about horsepower. The power of the Zero motorcycle's motor (the Z-force) is immediately available when you open the ''throttle'' lever. No revs are required. Without engine noise and the smell of oil and gasoline you are on the Zero always the first away at the traffic light.

Zero S and DS

These were the first production motorcycles to hit the market in 2012 and could cover more than 100 miles on a single battery charge.

Zero FX

The Zero FX allows you to take on any terrain. The Z-force drivetrain, long suspension travel and dual sport functions mean that you can ride it even on the forest trail.

Zero SR

The SR exists in several versions including the top model SF/F. This has a torque of 190 Nm. For comparison, a superbike like the Ducati Panigale V4 has a torque of 144 Nm (at 10,000 rpm!).

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