Triumph motorcycle rental

Through Motoshare, there are many TRIUMPH motorcycles for rent from private owners and dealers. From the Tiger or Speed Triple to the more classic models like the Bonneville, Truxton or Bobber, we rent it. You can see the availability of all motorcycles and book them easily online. Only through MotoShare you pay no deposit in advance and you have standard our attractive rental conditions with lots of free kilometers. So choose your favourite Triumph now!

Would you like to experience what it's like to ride a Triumph? Riding a Triumph is not just riding a bike. When you ride a Bonneville, Thruxton, Daytona or Speed Triple you make a statement. You're cocky, you're proud and you love tradition. The brand is over 100 years old and after an absence of several years has been back in business since 1991 making highly appealing motorcycles with unique styling and proven engineering.

History of TRIUMPH motorcycles

The motorcycle brand has a tumultuous history. The first Triumph motorcycle - a reinforced bicycle with a 3 horsepower engine - was built in 1902. The big breakthrough came with the commissioning of the English army during World War I. Triumph then built no fewer than 57,000 motorcycles of the 'H' type, a 550 cc engine with a modern gearbox. In 1937 it built the Speed Twin, an engine with a top speed of over 90mph. This invented the engine that would form the basis for the following 40 years. In 1955, Triumph built an engine that achieved a speed of more than 193mph on the salt flats at Bonneville. The brand held this speed record for over 15 years.

In the 1970s, however, the brand could not compete against the low prices and good engineering of the Japanese motorcycles, and in 1983 Triumph Motorcycles went bankrupt. The trademark rights were bought by John Bloor and with a huge investment he managed to launch no less than six new models in 1991. The models were developed further in the years that followed and Triumph became one of the leading brands in design and engineering. Today, the brand sells more than 130,000 motorcycles a year worldwide.

Why ride Triumph?

If you ask the owners why they have chosen this brand, you will get different answers. We list the most common reasons:


It is a legendary motorcycle brand. Motorcycles from the British brand also play a role in numerous Hollywood films such as The Great Escape, where Steve McQueen rides a TR6 or Mission Impossible 2, in which Tom Cruise escapes from the villains on a Speed Triple.


Triumph goes for the long haul when it comes to technology. No gimmicks or short-lived trends, but proven technology that is constantly being developed and improved.


Triumph has launched unique, iconic models in recent years. In recent years they have set the trend for naked bikes with the Speed Triple, and with the new editions of the Bonneville, Scrambler and Thruxton, Triumph is bringing out real 'modern classics'.

Popular Triumph models

A Triumph is no ordinary motorcycle. The history of this illustrious British motorcycle brand radiates from every model. A Triumph stands for freedom, tradition and craftsmanship.

The brand currently builds motorcycles in twelve types. From classic to modern and from practical commuter bikes to true lifestyle models for the weekend. But even the - often well-maintained - motorcycles from the 1970s are still regularly seen on the road!

In the 1960s, the brand built a number of iconic models, some of which are now marketed as modern classics. Whether you want to go fast on the freeway, cruise along the promenade or get off the beaten track, there's a Triumph for every kind of rider these days.

We list the three famous Triumph models.


The original Triumph Bonneville was motorcycle with a 650cc 2-cylinder engine and was built between 1959 and 1974. This popular motorcycle was known as the "Bonnie. In 2001 an all-new Bonneville was introduced; the Bonneville 800. The iconic styling has been retained but the latest technology has been applied. Yet the new Bonneville motorcycles are relatively easy to maintain and easy for anyone to handle. What's more, you can customize a Bonneville to suit your tastes with things like the seat, the exhaust system, special paint, striping...

Speed Triple

The first Triumph Speed Triple appeared on the market in 1994. With its bold, edgy styling and powerful, three-cylinder engine, Triumph created a cross between a street-fighter and a café racer. It proved to be a hit. Now the fifth generation of this successful motorcycle is in the showroom.


In 2011, Triumph introduced the Tiger, a bike in the popular all-road class: the Tiger 800. In 2012, a very heavy allroad appeared, the 1200cc Tiger Explorer. This is Triumph's first shaft drive and is packed with technology that makes the bike a great all-terrain performer. The Tiger Explorer is the number one competitor to the BMW R 1200 GS.

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