Kawasaki motorcycle rental

Through Motoshare's rentals, you can rent a wide variety of Kawasaki motorcycles from private owners and/or dealers. From the Z1000, Z900, Z750 to the Versys, we rent it! You can see the availability and book easily online. Only through MotoShare you pay no deposit in advance and you have standard our attractive conditions with many free kilometers. So choose quickly your favorite Kawasaki motorcycle and book a nice trip.

Are you a fan of powerful, sporty motorcycles? Then a Kawasaki is probably the motorcycle of your dreams. Kawasaki is the smallest of the big four Japanese motorcycle brands. Kawasaki fans praise the exclusive character of 'their' brand, the power and the sharp appearance. Kawasaki originally built ships and aircraft and uses its technical knowledge to build fast motorcycles.

History of Kawasaki motorcycles

Kawasaki motorcycles are built by the engine division of Kawasaki Heavy Industries Ltd. This Japanese factory, founded in 1878 by Shozo Kawasaki, was initially engaged in shipbuilding. It later added trucks, buses, trains, airplanes, industrial robots and even artificial satellites. Since 1950, a separate division has been engaged in the development and production of motorcycles. Over the past few decades, Kawasaki has developed models that perform well in both road and off-road racing.

Fastest motorcycle in the world

In November 2014, Kawasaki presented the Ninja H2R; the fastest production motorcycle ever made. This bike with 312 hp and weighing just over 215 kilos recently reached a speed of 400 km/h on a bridge closed for the occasion. The new price of the H2R in the Netherlands is over € 50,000. There is a waiting list for this exclusive speed monster.

Why ride a Kawasaki?

If you ask Kawasaki riders why they have chosen this brand, you will get different responses. We list the most common reasons:

Power and Speed

In 1972 Kawasaki introduced the Z1 900. This engine had 80 hp and a top speed of 200 km/h. Unbelievably fast and powerful for the time. Even today, Kawasaki builds fast motorcycles with distinctive looks.


Kawasaki riders love green. The striking, bright color green is used by Kawasaki as a brand color. In the beginning for their race and motocross bikes. Nowadays in many more models. Kawasaki Green is a manufacturer's own mixing color and has no RAL coding.


Kawasaki motorcycles have cool nicknames. In general, the Japanese brand is also known as 'Kawa' or 'Kwaakie'. The 1972 Kawasaki Z 1 was known as 'King of the road' and the 1976 Kawasaki Z 1000 simply as 'The King'.

Popular Kawasaki Models

Kawasaki riders love the tough, powerful look of their motorcycles. Kawasaki builds motorcycles for enthusiasts. Because Kawasaki is the smallest of the four major Japanese brands, the brand has always maintained a certain exclusivity.

In the Netherlands, the brand Kawasaki has a large and loyal following. In 1986 the Kawasaki brand club Nederland was founded. The active club publishes a magazine in which articles about the various types of Kawasaki appear. There are also events, tours and fan days organized.

The history of Kawasaki is characterized by many iconic models. Kawasaki is known for its bright green race and motocross bikes. With the Z-series Kawasaki makes one of the best selling motorcycles for over 35 years. From the long line of exceptional models, we choose the top 3.


In 1979 Kawasaki introduced a motorcycle that put an end to the manufacturers' "The bigger the better" struggle. The Z1300 had six water-cooled cylinders, shaft drive, two air-suspension shocks and a huge fuel tank. Initially, the Z1300 had three carburetors. In later versions, the 120 pack powerhouse had gasoline injection.

ZZR 1100

The ZZR 1100 set new standards in power and reliability at its launch in 1990. Once the fastest motorcycle in the world, the ZZR 1100 was also a very comfortable, easily handled motorcycle.


Kawasaki introduced the Z1 motorcycle in 1972 as the first in the Kawasaki Z-line. Over the past 35 years the Kawasaki Z has become a household name under names such as. 'Z', 'Zed' and 'Z1k'. For many enthusiasts, the latest Z1000 is the most beautiful naked bike ever built.

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