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Through Motoshare's rentals, you can rent a wide variety of Honda motorcycles from private owners and/or dealers. From the Honda Goldwing, Africa Twin, Shadow, Varadero to a CB or Transalp, we rent it! You can see the availability online and book easily. Only through MotoShare you pay no deposit in advance and you have standard our attractive conditions with lots of free kilometers. So choose your favourite Honda motorcycle quickly and book a nice trip.

History of Honda motorcycles

Would you like to rent a Honda motorcycle? You're absolutely right! Honda motorcycles are known to fans as stylish, thoughtful and easy to use. The brand has a history of over 70 years and has the right bike for every type of motorcyclist. Honda has also built a great history as a racing brand. Honda has achieved great success in virtually all branches of motor sports.

Honda was founded in 1946 by Japanese-born Soichiro Honda. Honda was a businessman and racing enthusiast. He wanted to make an affordable means of transportation for the common man. In the 1950s, the D-type Dream was a huge sales success in Japan. As early as 1959, the 250cc C72 Dream was presented to the public in Amsterdam. Honda was the first Japanese motorcycle manufacturer to export motorcycles to Europe. The first models were still copied from European and American motorcycles. Today, Honda is the largest motorcycle manufacturer in the world.

Why ride Honda?

If you ask Honda riders why they have chosen this brand, you will get different responses. We list the most frequently mentioned reasons:

Technology and reliability

As the largest motorcycle manufacturer in the world, Honda has an enormous amount of knowledge and experience in developing engines. Honda engines are known for their efficient combustion, low consumption, high reliability and long life.

Choice of models

Honda has the perfect motorcycle for every rider. Whether you're looking for a reliable road bike, a powerful off-road, a chopper model, touring bike, supersport bike or even a scooter... you'll find them all at Honda.

Environmentally conscious

Honda is one of the few motorcycle manufacturers that makes caring for the environment a priority. For example, Honda has fitted a start-stop function on its new models. This system shuts off the engine when you are standing still in traffic, for example at the traffic lights. Also, the new Programmed Fuel Injection system provides better performance with lower emissions.

Popular Honda Models

Honda is the largest engine manufacturer in the world. In 2015, nearly 18 million Honda motorcycles were sold worldwide. There are not only Honda factories in Japan, but also in Italy, Spain and the United States, where the Goldwing is built.

Honda builds motorcycles for every type of motorcyclist. From the entry-level rider who is flipping on the throttle for the first time to the seasoned fan who wants to ride tens of thousands of miles a year. Honda has released literally hundreds of models over the past 70 years. From tough offroad and adventure bikes to laid-back custom bikes and from basic road bikes to lightning fast supersport models.

Honda motorcycles can be found on the streets all over the world. The brand has introduced a number of iconic models in its history, often released for decades in different versions. We list three of them.


In 1975, Honda introduced its heaviest motorcycle to the market. The first Goldwing had a water-cooled 4 cylinder boxer engine. The first Goldwing was the GL1000, a real naked bike. Soon, touring windscreens, fairings and trunk sets were supplied by various suppliers. The kickstarter, which was still standard on the first models, was soon replaced by an electric starter. The Goldwing was extremely popular in the United States and as early as 1981 Honda moved production from Japan to Ohio. The last Goldwing was presented in 2001. This GL 1500 had an engine with a whopping 1832 cc capacity.

Africa Twin

The Honda XRV750 Africa Twin was based on a multiple-winning model from the Paris-Dakar rally. The motorcycle with the high wheelbase was usable both on asphalt and off-road and first appeared in 1988. A completely redesigned variant was released in 1993. The Africa Twin was one of the best-selling Honda models around the world.


The Honda Fireblade that appeared in 1992 unleashed a true revolution in supersport motorcycle land. The compact machine had 120 horsepower and extremely good handling. For a long time Honda was far ahead of the competition. The Fireblade has been in production from 1992 until today. The latest model is a completely new design, called the CBR1000RR. It is also available in the SP2 version, which is ready for competition use.

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