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Through Motoshare you can rent a wide variety of Harley-Davidson motorcycles from private owners and/or dealers. From a Night Rod, Fatboy or Muscle to a real custom, we rent it! You can easily see the availability and reserve your favourite Harley online. Only through MotoShare you pay no deposit in advance and you have standard our attractive rental conditions with lots of free kilometers. So make a choice and book a nice trip.

History of Harley Davidson

In the year 1901, two young friends, Bill Harley and Arthur Davidson, invent a way to make it easier to ride a bicycle using an ignition engine. In 1903 the Harley-Davidson Motor company is founded and the first three motorcycles are sold. In the years that follow, the brand goes from strength to strength. By 1920, 28,000 motorcycles are sold in as many as 67 countries. During World War II, nearly 100,000 motorcycles are ordered by the U.S. Army. The famous Liberator is left behind after the war in large numbers in Europe, including the Netherlands. In the years that follow Harley Davidson continues to innovate and sell motorcycles. The H.O.G. (Harley Owners Group) founded in 1983, is a club with now more than 650,000 members. Although it has been a publicly traded company since 1986, the romance of its unique motorcycles remains.

Why Ride Harley?

A Harley-Davidson is not just a motorcycle. It is an extension of your personality. The motorcycles stand for freedom. A Harley is not the fastest or most manageable machine, but riding this American icon is unlike riding any other motorcycle.

If you ask the owners why they have chosen this brand, you get different responses. We list the most striking ones:

Second youth

If you are in your forties and you start riding a motorcycle, it is quickly judged that you are crazy or not yet mature. If you ride a Harley when you are older, people think you are young at heart and have class....


There are thousands of parts available. So you can rebuild your Harley to fit you.

Always modern

You never have to worry if your motorcycle is dated. A Harley - even one that is more than 20 years old - is always up to date!


The community is very strong. Wear a Harley cap, T-shirt or jacket and enthusiasts all over the world will come and chat with you.


Of course, the brand is known for its unique sound. The cylinders in the V-twin engine block are driven by a crankshaft. This construction results in two moments of combustion in quick succession, with a pause in between. So you hear pop-pop ... pop-pop ... pop-pop. Even with the silencers in place a wonderful sound!

What makes Harley Davidson motorcycles so popular?

Once conceived at the beginning of the 20th century to make motorcycling possible and affordable for as many people as possible, Harley Davidson has grown into a true cult brand. Harley 's are not fast, extremely reliable or comfortable. Yet the motorcycles from Milwaukee are known all over the world. From accountants to movie stars, postal workers to surgeons; people from all walks of life want to own a Harley. It is a motorcycle brand that leaves no one untouched. The brand has something magical, something mysterious.

But what are the three main reasons why a motorcyclist chooses a Harley Davidson? We list them:


Motorcycles stand for freedom and individuality. By owning and riding a Harley Davidson, you make a statement. Jeff Bleustein, the CEO of Harley Davidson has expressed the feeling as follows: ''There is - sometimes deep down - a sense of adventure and need for freedom in every person. Harley Davidson is an American icon that brings out that feeling.''


The typical sound, caused by the V-shaped twin-cylinder block with only one notch in the crankshaft, is the reason for purchase for many fans. In the 1990s, the sound of its engines registered as a trademark.


Almost every Harley is unique. No other motorcycle has so much customization. Even before it has left the dealer, almost every Harley is customized to the personal wishes of its owner. No other brand has so many accessories for sale. The HD sportster is the longest running model from the same manufacturer in motorcycle history. With so many customization options, that's easy to explain....

Popular Harley Models

In August 1903, the Harley-Davidson motorcycle company was founded. It was the company of William Harley and Arthur Davidson, two young technicians who in that year released a single-cylinder motorcycle with 3 horsepower. This was followed in 1909 by a model with a true V-twin piston engine. It was an engine with two cylinders that were positioned against each other at a 45-degree angle. Harley-Davidson became increasingly known as robust and reliable over time. At the end of World War I, the first Harley factory was in Milwaukee. The great success for Harley-Davidson came in World War II when the model ''Liberator'' was known as the motorcycle of the liberators.

In the past 100-plus years, Harley has marketed a large number of models. Many of the motorcycles were given illustrious nicknames that were kept alive by the brand. Think of the 1966 Shovelhead (the valve covers looked like coal shovels) or the 1948 Panhead (with the pan-shaped valve covers).

Harley-Davidson builds reliable motorcycles that hold their value. They are motorcycles that - perhaps because of the simplicity of the technology used - last a long time. Many owners are also proud of their bikes and often maintain them very well. It is not unusual for a Harley-Davidson of over 30 years old to still look like new. From the range, we choose the three most iconic models.


In 1957, the first Sportster was produced. It would become Harley-Davidson's most successful model ever. The Sportster was the first Harley with hydraulic shock absorbers on both wheels. Until 2004, the engine was attached to the Sportster's frame. This made the bike more precise to ride, but also transmitted more vibration to the rider.

Electra Glide

Back in 1965, the Harley-Davidson Electra Glide was introduced. It was a new version of the 1936 ''Knucklehead'' and had the first electric starter. The Electra Glide would become the standard for touring bikes.

Fat boy

Since its debut in 1990, the Fat Boy has been one of the most popular models. Notable on this model are the solid disc wheels, the curve in the striking rear fender and the muscular lines of the block.

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