Energica motorcycle rental

Via Motoshare you can rent an Energica motorcycle from private owners and/or dealers throughout the Netherlands. Choose the Energica Eva, the first 100% electric streetfighter ''made in Italy'' or the Ego, the superbike that accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in 3 seconds. You can easily see the availability and reserve your favorite Energica online. Only through MotoShare you pay no deposit in advance and you have standard our attractive rental conditions with lots of free kilometers. So make a choice and book a nice trip.

History of Energica electric motorcycles

The Energica brand is pronounced with the stress on the second - not the third - syllable. The motorcycle brand belongs to the Italian Energica Motor Company, started in 2010 by CRP group. This company is a major global player in the field of components for Formula 1 and aerospace.

In 2010, the Energica Motor Company built the first fully electric racing motorcycle in six months: the eCRP 1.2 This superbike drove its first test laps on the circuit of Assen in the autumn of 2010. By using innovative materials, a die-cast aluminum frame and a powerful dual air-cooled electric motor, the eCRP proved very suitable for racing in the TTXGP, the world's first series of electric motorsport races.

After 2 years of racing, the eCRP team began building the first street versions of the eCRP 1.2; the Energica Eva and the Energica Ego. The Ego hit the market in 2014 and the Eva followed two years later. In 2015, Energica completed a fast charging system in Europe for the Ego that allows 80% of the battery to be charged in less than 20 minutes.

Why ride Energica?

Riding an electric motorcycle from Energica may not be fully established yet, but it is a unique experience. Energica Eva or Ego has no gears so acceleration is lightning fast. When riding an electric motorcycle, there is mostly silence instead of a roaring engine or roaring exhaust.

Power of an Energica

Every motorcyclist knows the difference between, say, a 500cc or a 1300cc motorcycle. But electric motorcycles have no displacement. The power of an electric motorcycle is measured in kW or horsepower. 1 kW equals 1.36 hp. The Energica Ego superbike has a power output of more than 107 kW (or 145 hp). With a gasoline-powered motorcycle, high power is already present from 80 kW. Torque determines, among other things, the acceleration of a motorcycle. Torque is the force exerted by the engine on the drive train and is measured in Nm. The higher the torque, the faster the acceleration. The Ego sports bike has a torque of 200 Nm, beating almost any internal combustion engine superbike.

The top speed of the Energica Eva is limited to a maximum of 200 km/h while the Ego reaches up to 240 km/h.

Battery capacity of Energica

The number of kilometers that can be covered with a recharge depends on driving style, weather conditions, type of road surface and the weight of the driver. Assume a range between 130 and 180 kilometers.

Most popular models

The design of the Energica is beautiful. The large battery pack has been beautifully concealed in the design by the Italian designers from Modena. Energica motorcycles feature the best Lithium-Polymer batteries from Korea, an excellent electric motor from the United States, brakes from Italian Brembo and suspension from Italian firm Marzocchi. Riding an Energica is a unique experience. It goes especially fast and you quickly get used to the lack of internal combustion engine sounds. The design of the Energica engines is beautiful!

Energica Ego

The Ego is Energica's racer. The motorcycle has cool double lights, a compact size and beautiful lines. When you turn on the engine (starting is not really the word) and open the acceleration lever you hear a futuristic sound that - as you go faster - sounds louder and higher. Very cool! The different riding modes of the Ego ensure that you enjoy optimal acceleration in every situation and that you can dose it well

Energica Eva

The Eva weighs, like the Ego 280 kilograms but has 25 Nm less pulling power than the Ego. It has an excellent riding position and can even be driven in reverse by pressing the start button for 2 seconds and then gently turning the acceleration lever.

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