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Through Motoshare you can rent a huge range of Ducati motorcycles from private owners and/or dealers throughout the Netherlands. From the well-known Ducati Monster to the Diavel, Scrambler, Multistrada or Hypermotard, we rent it! Of all motorcycles you can see the availability and easily make a reservation online. Only when you book through MotoShare, you pay no deposit in advance and you have our attractive rental conditions with lots of free kilometers. So make a choice and make a nice trip.

Are you considering renting a Ducati? Then you are probably a lover of beauty and power! Ducati is an iconic motorcycle brand best known for its sporty upright singles and L-shaped twin cylinders. Ducati has been called the thoroughbred among motorcycles. Many motorcycle enthusiasts regard the various Ducati models as examples of what a motorcycle should look like. Moreover, the Italian beauties have a lot of power and excellent handling. Ducati has broken several sales records in recent years. In homeland Italy, but also in Spain, thousands of motorcycles were sold every month. In Germany and the Netherlands, for example, the Ducati Monster is a real sales hit.

History of Ducati motorcycles

Adriano Ducati was a brilliant physics student from Bologna who, in 1924, succeeded in establishing a radio connection - via shortwave - between Italy and America. Together with his father and brothers Bruno and Marello, he started the Ducati Radio Company in 1926. This became a success, and in the 1930s the Ducati factory became the largest factory for technical parts in Italy. The factory was heavily damaged by bombing during World War II.

Immediately after the war, the Italian government took over the factory and began producing motorcycles there. The first Ducati's (the 48cc four-stroke Cucciolo) rolled off the assembly line in 1946. In the 1950s, Ducati successfully competed in Grand Prix races . As a result, the brand became very popular, especially in Italy, and the number of models grew rapidly. It was also at this time that Ducati invented the desmodromic valve control. The Ducati Scrambler, which came onto the market in the 1960s, is still the best-selling motorcycle in Italy today. Ducati continued to be successful on the track in the 1980s and 1990s, including in the superbike class.

Why ride Ducati?

If you ask Ducati riders why they have chosen this brand, you will get different responses. We list the most common reasons:


A DUCATI motorcycle is beautiful. Enthusiasts appreciate the lines, details and curves. Ducati's have a ''bella figura'' which, according to enthusiasts, becomes more and more beautiful the longer you look at it ...


DUCATI makes powerful motorcycles with sophisticated technology, often derived from things that have proven their strength on the track. For example, on the Panigale S you'll find the race-derived Ducati Quick Shift (DQS). This allows you to shift gears very quickly, without clutching.

Handling, power and noise

Many Ducati fans fall in love with their bike's tight handling and brutal power. Ducati is also the brand of the dry plate clutch that gives the Italian thoroughbred its characteristic sound.

Popular Ducati Models

In 2016, Ducati officially celebrated its 90th anniversary as a motorcycle manufacturer. Ducati - despite being absorbed by Audi in 2012 - is a proud Italian brand. They pride themselves on the sleek and seductive shapes of their motorcycles, the unique tubular steel frame and the desmodromic valve control system. Add to that the brand's legendary victories on the GP circuit and Ducati's unique sound, and you know why Ducati has so many fans worldwide.

Real fans of Ducati call themselves Ducatists. They are united worldwide in the Desmo Owners Clubs and they meet to share the "red passion" on the racetracks, at events and during World Ducati Week.

Ducati builds motorcycles for enthusiasts. Passion is the key word that unites Ducati fans. They are in love with the lines of their "Duc". They know they are not riding an everyday motorcycle and get all the attention when they park their often bright red motorcycle near an outdoor café. Ducati has released a large number of models over the past 90 years. They have become known for their sport bikes but with the Monster they have released one of the best-selling motorcycles in the world. From the range of Ducati models, we choose the three most famous Ducati models.


The first Ducati Monster appeared in 1993 and more than 130,000 of them have been sold since that year. The model was notable for its simple, flowing lines. The Monster is the epitome of the "Naked Bike". It has everything you need: tank, engine, saddle, two wheels and handlebars. Ducati Monsters are still being made today. Meanwhile, there are versions with 400 to 1100 cc.


The Ducati Multistrada is a beautiful cross between a sport bike and an offroad. It is a multi-purpose motorcycle for riders who want to ride comfortably but also sportily and defiantly.


The Ducati Desmosedici is originally a MotoGP race bike. It has been built since 2003 and in 2004 it held the inofficial speed record with a speed of 347.5 km/h. The famous rider Valentino Rossi rode this bike in 2011 and 2013. The Desmosedici RR is a replica of the GP version with which you can just ride on public roads. It was made in 2008 in an edition of 1500 pieces.

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