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Rent a Buell motorcycle

Through Motoshare you can rent Buell motorcycles from private owners and/or dealers throughout the Netherlands. You can easily check availability and reserve your favorite Buell online. Only through MotoShare you pay no deposit in advance and you have standard our attractive rental conditions with lots of free kilometers. So make your choice and book a nice trip.

You don't see them often but if you do see a Buell, this one is worth looking at. The brand of the winged horse and a motorcycle with balls. Buell is a brand that is now fully owned by Harley Davidson. The same characteristics but packaged in a sportier version than the Harley Davidson itself.

History of Buell

Buell has an interesting history. It all started when Erik Buell, as an employee of Harley Davidson, was putting together engine blocks.

Erik Buell got the urge to put more of his own spin on a motorcycle. In 1983 Buell put his own engine into his own designed motorcycle; the Buell RW750. This engine was designed with the goal of winning the AMA F1 motorcycle championship race. Two years after the first race, this championship was disbanded. After the dissolution, Buell focused on developing motorcycles for the street. Implementing the Harley Davidson engine into a sporty model proved to be a success. Buell and Davidson worked closely together.

Since 1998, Buell is a 100% subsidiary of Harley Davidson.

Why ride Buell?

If you ask Buell riders why they chose this brand you will get different responses. We list the most common reasons:


A heavy Harley engine packaged in a sporty engine. The real Harley lover can literally and figuratively get along with this. More of a hum than a scream, the characteristics of a Harley are maintained.

2. Quality

Where Erik Buell turned his work into a hobby, you can see this passion reflected in the quality of the engine.

3. Handling

Because a Buell is heavier and wider than the average sports bike, its centre of gravity is lower. This ensures stable handling that many motorcyclists swear by.

4. Exclusive

The last production run took place in 2011 and only 100 units were produced. Owners of a Buell can squeeze their hands. The Buell motorcycles have become real collector's items.

The most popular Buell models

Buell XB9S

Perhaps the most popular and recognizable model in Buell's history. Even though production has stopped, you still see the Buell XB9S riding around a lot. A timeless motorcycle that rides great.

Buell S1 Lightning

A real sportbike. Because of a powerful engine, this was much in demand. A total of 5000 models were produced.

Buell 1125R

In 2007, the Buell 1125R went on sale. This is a superbike with the characteristics of a sporty motorcycle. The shifting is very smooth and the appearance is characteristic, you like it or not.

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