Insurance and roadside assistance

A standard WA, Casco or WA Volledig Casco (All-risk) motorcycle insurance does not provide coverage when the motorcycle is rented out. Therefore, all rental agreements are additionally insured by us WA Volledig Casco (All-risk) with a coverage on rental.

Insurance for owners

Mutual private rental is not covered under a regular motorcycle insurance policy. Therefore, during the rental period, this must be supplemented with an additional insurance.

Combi Motors Insurances has developed especially for MotoShare this additional insurance called 'MotoShare Policy'. The insurance replaces your own motor insurance during the rental period. With this policy damage is properly insured and there are no consequences for a possible built up No Claim discount on your regular motor insurance.

The insurance of Combi Motors Insurance is automatically applicable to all private motorcycles that are rented out through MotoShare. The premium is on average €14,5 per rental day. The premium is added to the rental price and paid directly to the insurer after a rental period. Easy, right?

As an owner you have no own risk under this additional WA Volledig Casco (All-risk) insurance. The amount that is paid out in the event of damage depends on the value of the motorcycle. Accessories are separately insured up to a maximum of €750.

A renter has an own risk of €1500 and can lower this to €1000 or €700. If damage occurs during the rental period, you as owner must report this to Combi Motors Insurances via MotoShare. Combi Motors Insurances will take care of the damage directly with you and the renter.

  • Is the cost of damage expected to be less than the excess of the renter? Then the owner and tenant must try to resolve the damage mutually. If this is not possible within 48 hours, the owner must report this to MotoShare. We will then recover the excess from the renter.
  • Is the expected damage higher than the excess of the renter? Then the owner must report this, at the most, 72 hours after the end of the rental period.

The owner must send a copy of a completed and signed rental agreement and European claim form to Combi Motors Insurance. If there is disagreement between the owner and the renter, MotoShare may ask an independent expert to assess the damage. The owner and renter must accept the advice of this independent expert.

The maximum insured value of a motorcycle is € 25,000. SuperSport, motor scooters, sidecar motorcycles and all other vehicles with more than 2 wheels are not insured by Combi Motors Insurances. These motorcycles can therefore not be rented through MotoShare.

During the rental period, the motorcycle must be stored between 23:00 and 7:00 in a locked room, out of sight of the public road. In the locked room, the motorcycle must be locked with an ART category 4 or 5 approved lock. If storing in a properly locked area is not possible, the motorcycle must be properly secured directly to an ART category 4 or 5 approved chain or bracket lock, to an ART category 4 or 5 approved wall anchor or ground anchor, or to a sufficiently strong and suitable earth and nail resistant object. The owner must provide the renter with the required locks before the start of the rental period.

Roadside Assistance

If the unlucky situation of a breakdown occurs during a rental, it is possible to contact Roadguard for roadside assistance. It is possible to download the Roadguard app for Android or IOS. It is also possible to contact Roadguard via 055 579 8096. The app can be used to notify Roadguard that you have a breakdown, and a service vehicle will be sent your way. Using Roadguard is completely free of charge, however, the repair costs are not included and must be paid by the renter of the motorcycle. It is important that the renter of the motorcycle notifies Roadguard in the case of a breakdown.

Beware! The costs of the repairs by Roadguard are covered by the renter of the motorcycle and must be paid on the spot. If you decided to cover possible costs of the roadside assistance with the additional insurance module, it is possible to get a refund for the paid costs. In this case, you’ll have to send an email to that includes the invoice of the repairs, a specification of the damage, the license plate number and the reference number as found on the rental agreement.

Lastly, it is of great importance to notify the owner of the motorcycle of the breakdown.

Regular insurance

Are you looking for your own motorcycle insurance for regular use? Check out the motorcycle insurance of our insurance partner Combi Motors Insurances

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